Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus News: UK Release Date, Price & Trailer


If Nazi-occupied America sounds familiar, you’ve probably been watching The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Video. Unlike Wolfenstein II, however, the TV show didn’t feature fire-breathing robots.

The new game, announced at E3 2017, is the sequel to 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order which was also set in the 1960s. In The New Colossus it’s 1961 and it’s your job to help the protagonist, BJ Blazkowicz, to free the US from its Nazi grip.

Bethesda teased The New Colossus at E3 in 2016, but at that point it wasn’t revealed it would be a Wolfenstein game.

When is Wolfenstein II coming out?

It will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam (PC) on 27 October.

You can pre-order the Xbox version from Microsoft’s website or for PS4 from the PlayStation Store for £49.99/$59.99, while on PC you can grab it from Steam or Green Man Gaming for £39.99/$59.99.

If you’d rather a physical edition, Amazon is taking pre-orders now, as are Game in the UK and GameStop in the US.

If you’re willing to spend slightly more, the deluxe edition is available for Xbox, PS4, or PC, and includes both the base game and the DLC season pass – you can find out more about what DLC is included below.

There’s also a collector’s edition which comes with a 1/6 scale 12in action figure of the game’s hero packaged in a premium, 1960s-style box. The game comes in an metal case, and a 9x14in Blitzmensch poster. It’s available exclusively from Game in the UK, or from Bethesda directly in the US.

What about The New Colossus gameplay?

As we’ve said, the game has shifted back to the 1960s after the 2015 ‘The Old Blood’ game which was the prequel to The New Order.

In The New Colossus you have to fight the Nazis in Roswell, New Mexico, a flooded New Orleans and a post-nuclear Manhattan.

Towards the end of the trailer you’ll see some actual gameplay, and this gives a fairly good idea of what you can expect.

Bethesda says you’ll get to “equip an arsenal of badass guns, and unleash new abilities to blast your way through legions of advanced Nazi soldiers, cyborgs, and über soldiers in this definitive first-person shooter.”

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus release date, price, first gameplay trailer

DLC plans

Bethesda has announced that there will be three DLC add-ons included within the game’s season pass, each of which will see you playing as a different character:

  • The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe: As former professional quarterback Joseph Stallion, smash through Nazi hordes from the ruins of Chicago to the vastness of space!
  • The Diaries of Agent Silent Death: As ex-OSS agent and assassin Jessica Valiant, infiltrate Nazi bunkers in California and discover the secrets of Operation San Andreas!
  • The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins: As the US Army’s renowned hero Captain Gerald Wilkins, embark on a mission to Nazi-controlled Alaska to dismantle Operation Black Sun!

We don’t yet know if any of these three characters will also pop up in the main campaign, and there’s also been no announcement of when the DLC will come out.

The three characters will also appear in a prequel mission, ‘Episode Zero’. That will be free, but only if you pre-order the game or buy its season pass.

Each of the packs will be sold separately – though we don’t know the price yet – or the season pass will include all three for £17.99/$24.99. You can also grab the DLC along with the base game as part of the deluxe edition, available for Xbox, PS4, or PC.

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