Where to Buy Old Games and Consoles in the UK


Where can you buy retro games in the UK? The likes of CEX and Cash Converters sometimes stock old consoles or games, but they’re not totally reliable – especially if you’re looking for slightly more niche consoles rather than just the Mega Drive or N64.

The huge demand for the NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles proves that people are keen to play old games again, but there are still plenty of classic consoles that haven’t had modern updates yet. If you don’t mind skirting into a legal grey area you can always track down emulators or third-party retro consoles, but for the really authentic experience you’ll want to buy the originals.

So whether your idea of retro means the Gamecube and PS2, or goes way back to the Atari or Commodore 64, we showcase a number of websites and shops that provide an easy, simple way to buy retro games in the UK.




Console Passion


Warp Zone

Funstock Retro

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