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Bachelor Nation is back in full force and ready for Monday’s season 14 kickoff of The Bachelorette, this time starring Becca Kufrin on her tear-filled path to finding love (Here’s how to stream The Bachelorette). Whether you’re a new fan or a veteran watcher, all that romance can get a bit confusing, so I’ve created a guide to the people, players, date night descriptions and terminology you most need to know for the season. (If you think you’re already an expert, though, I challenge you to Bachelorette-off). Let’s begin our journey… 

Who is Becca Kufrin?

Becca Kufrin was named the next Bachelorette during last season’s Bachelor reunion show, after she was unceremoniously dumped by Arie Luyendyk Jr. — after he proposed.Yep, after he proposed. Arie then went on the After the Final Rose show and proposed to the runner-up, Lauren Burnham. They have now set a wedding date, and I’m still floored how all of this played out. Arie proved host Chris Harrison right for the first time ever — it really was “the most dramatic season finale ever.”

Even before this season of The Bachelorette starts, Becca has said she fell in love with two guys, which will mean a lot of drama. Plus we know she was proposed to and said yes, so it seems pretty likely she found Prince Charming (or at least someone to be engaged to for a while). That said, beware spoilers everywhere in this day and age, and especially on Twitter. It’s more fun to try to guess who will end up engaged, so do not check Reality Steve. To really avoid all spoilers, watch each episode live or avoid Twitter entirely.
With that said, the Bachelorette final rose ceremony is taking place tomorrow in the Maldives. I’m sure I’ll have your winner for you next week.— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) May 9, 2018

As for anything else, we’ll have to wait for the season premiere to see what the dynamics are in the Bachelor Mansion, known for uncomfortable pool parties and a lot of drinking. 

Who you need to know

Coming off a *dramatic* season with Arie that did not disappoint, I expect a lot of the same from this season. Here are the key players so far.

  • Neil Lane: He provides the engagement ring, and for some reason whenever the two finalists have a heart-to-heart with him, they magically know they just *have* to propose.

No matter what happens on the finale of The Bachelor tonight, Neil Lane will be the real winner.— Sean Lowe (@SeanLowe09) March 5, 2018

If they really want to throw in a twist on “The Bachelor,” they should have a different jeweler show up other than Neil Lane.— Fortune Feimster (@fortunefunny) March 14, 2017

Plus, there are all the men courting Becca this season — and some definitely seem better than others. Here’s a thread of all their Instas, but none are really standing out yet.

Bachelor Nation terms to know

Seemingly random, made-up words get thrown around a lot on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but I’m here to help. A rose: What all the men are after. First-impression rose: Given out on the first night. It basically goes to the man Becca likes best so far. Annnnnnnd it’s a pretty good indicator of who Becca will end up with.Rose ceremony: This is where Becca will narrow down her guys every week. She’ll say a name, give a guy a rose (it’s hooked onto their jackets with magnets in case you were wondering) and it’s pretty basic. There will be 16 commercial breaks and sometimes, we won’t even have a rose ceremony because of all the drama takes too much time and you realize life is awful those weeks, so get ready.

Group date: A bunch of guys will go on a date with the Bachelorette and try to get alone time with her. This will also be when some A+ drama happens, because each man will keep “stealing” her and “not be respectful of” the others’ time on the limited-time group date.One-on-ones: The Bachelorette and one guy will get to go on a date. Tears will be shed by one or both. It’ll be romantic or awkward, but either way we win.  Two-on-ones: THESE DATES ARE THE BEST. The Bachelorette will have to decide between two guys, so she takes both of them on a date, then dumps one of them in front of the other — or she’ll dump both of them. I count down the days until the two-on-one(s) because the drama is the best.Fantasy suite: Popping up near the end of season, this is where the Bachelorette and a suitor will go to have alone time without the cameras. And, you know, be together.Hometowns: The Bachelorette will travel to random parts of the country during this ep, meeting her suitors’ families and having awkward conversations about marriage. Sometimes exes pop up, but it’s usually a pretty boring episode.Reunion show: The final show is a reunion called After the Final Rose hosted by Chris Harrison where we catch up with the finalists after all the drama. Chris Harrison will constantly cut to commercial, show awkward moments from the season and 90 percent of this episode will be trash. (The other 10 percent is when we get another Jason Mesnick situation and all hell breaks loose.)Men Tell All episode: This is a full episode that usually airs after the hometowns ep. ABC brings all the eliminated men together to hash out their beefs, yell at each other and vie to be the next Bachelor. We laugh, we cry and bets are made about who will grace our TVs next season. (And yes, there is a Women Tell All ep during Bachelor seasons.)[Insert obscure band you’ve never heard of but for some reason the contestants all know about]: This will happen during a one-on-one date. The Bachelorette and the man will be impressed by some band you’ve likely never heard of. It’s annoying but worth tweeting about how you have no idea who the band is. And you can bet on it being country music, with an awkward dance on a raised podium for our couple.
Paul Hebert

More Bachelor shows

The Bachelor premiered in 2002 on ABC and has been running for 22 seasons (that’s 230 episodes!). The Bachelorette began the following year, and since then 26 territories around the world have aired versions of Bachelor. There have been various one-off specials (sometimes featuring weddings) and three big spin-offs: Bachelor in Paradise: A spinoff of the regular seasons, it drops alums in Mexico with a lot of tequila, a lot of drama and even more tears (I’m looking at you Ashley I.). (Yes, this is the one that faced allegations of misconduct last year when it aired.) Bachelor Pad: The worst (and original) spinoff. BP ran for two years, and on season 1 of Paradise, they kept trying to make Bachelor Pad a thing but everyone realized it was a trash show and stopped. End of story (and show).The Bachelor Winter Games: A two-week show that aired in February, this spin-off was modeled after the Olympics. Alums from all over the world met, exchanged pleasantries and (sometimes) fell in love. One couple came out engaged, but they’ve already broken up. The format was confusing, and the people seemed awkward around each other. It was a total meh spin-off, so I don’t expect it to return.Originally published May 26, 2018 at 5 a.m. PT and regularly updated.

How to watch The Bachelorette: The best show on TV is back for another season, and here’s how and when to follow along.An expert’s breakdown of Becca’s Bachelorette season: TV Guide dives into the most important things for you to know about the Bachelorette’s new season.

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