Sonic Forces latest rumours: Release date, UK pricing, trailers & gameplay


Sonic Forces was originally announced as Project Sonic 2017 at a SEGA event during San Diego Comic Con in July 2016. Fast forward to today and Project Sonic 2017 is now Sonic Forces, a brand new Sonic game being developed by Sonic Team due for release later on this year.

But when exactly will Sonic Forces be released? And what can we expect in terms of gameplay? While Nintendo had no new information on a release date at E3 2017, the company did showcase a new trailer which can be seen below. 

Here, we discuss the possible Sonic Forces release date, UK pricing, platforms, the latest trailers and what to expect from the game.

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When will Sonic Forces be released in the UK?

We can exclusively reveal that Sonic Forces will be released on 7 November. We chatted to the team at Gamescom where we picked up the release date, which looks to be a global.

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Which platforms will Sonic Forces be available on?

While a handful of games in the Sonic series in the past have been platform exclusives (2013’s Sonic Lost World was a Nintendo exclusive for two years before coming to PC), SEGA has confirmed that Sonic Forces will not only be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but also the likes of the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

How much will Sonic Forces cost?

It’s clear that the upcoming Sonic Forces is a AAA title, so it’s safe to assume that the pricing will reflect that. With that being said, GAME is currently offering pre-orders of Sonic Forces for a (rather expensive) £59.99.

It’s currently one of the only places that gamers can pre-order the game, but we expect the likes of Amazon to offer it at a lower price once a release date has been announced. GAME has also noted that interested buyers will pay the lowest price and not the full £60 if the game drops in price before release.

Once other retailers offer pre-orders of Sonic Forces and price adjustments are made, we imagine it’ll cost somewhere in the region of £40-55 depending on platform and where it’s purchased. We’ll update this section with more pricing and pre-order details as they become available, so make sure you head back here recently to find out the latest pre-order news.

What can I expect from Sonic Forces?

Sonic Forces is being developed by Sonic Team and utilises “Hedgehog Engine 2” which the company says is a more refined version of the engine used in Sonic Unleashed. In terms of the storyline, the game is said to be set in a world where Sonic’s nemesis, Doctor Eggman, has taken over the world with his robot army destroying cities across the globe.

Of course, it’s up to the two Sonics to defeat Doctor Eggman and end his reign of terror. Yes, that’s right. As is shown in the trailer at the top of the page, ‘old’ Sonic teams up with ‘young’ Sonic (as they did in Sonic Generations) to take down the series antagonist. While there is said to be appearances from the likes of Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Chaotix, they will be non-playable and will offer support and advice via radio communication.

Instead, players will be able to create their own animal hero to run alongside the infamous blue hedgehog. First announced via a trailer that can be seen below, Sonic Forces will include a character creation tool that allows you to create your own character.

There will be seven different types of animal to choose from, each with specific abilities to help you along your way:

  • Hedgehog: Collects rings while taking damage
  • Dog: Starts with five rings after dying
  • Wolf: Magnet-like effect drawing in rings in close proximity
  • Bird: Touch the sky with double jump abilities
  • Rabbit: Stays invincible for a longer period of time following damage
  • Bear: Destroys enemies with a homing attack
  • Cat: Keeps a single ring after being hit

Some had initially assumed that the game was a sequel to Sonic Generations but series producer Takashi Iizuka later confirmed that it was a separate title. Although like Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces is also comprised of two variants of Sonic: the modern three-dimensional form first introduced in Sonic Adventure and the classic platformer form from early Sonic games.

In terms of gameplay, there’s not much available at the moment – but that’s not to say there’s nothing. Below, you can see a 42 second clip of ‘Modern’ Sonic gameplay. While it’s brief, it gives us a glimpse at the exciting fast paced gameplay available in Sonic Forces.

Along with the clip of Modern Sonic Forces gameplay, below is a (slightly longer) clip of Classic Sonic taking a leisurely stroll through the iconic Green Hill Zone.  

More recently, Nintendo gave us a glimpse at Sonic Forces during its E3 2017 media showcase in the form of a new trailer. The trailer gives a good look at characters both new and old, from Sonic, Shadow and Dr. Eggman to a new Matrix-y foe named Infinite, and can be found below:

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