Skull and Bones News: Release Date, Price, Beta & Trailer


Games centred around pirates aren’t exactly the type that get released regularly but a new one at E3 2017 caught our eye thanks to Ubisoft. Here’s what you need to know about Skull and Bones including the release date and beta sign up. See also: Best upcoming games 2017.

If you liked Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag then this new title from Ubisoft will be up your street, or perhaps ocean. In fact, the concept is based on the naval warfare of Black Flag so it’s time to set sail.

When is Skull and Bones coming out?

Skull and Bones release date: Fall 2018

E3 2017 brought with it a lot of new games, of course, but many won’t arrive until next year and that includes Skull and Bones. It will be later on in 2018 with Ubisoft listing the launch as ‘Fall’.

What platforms will Skull and Bones be on?

Hitting the classic three, Skull and Bones will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Skull and Bones beta sign up

There might be a long time to wait for the game to finally arrive but you can sign up to the Skull and Bone beta to get a go ahead of the launch. To sign up on any of the platforms, head to the Ubisoft website and enter your details.

How much will Skull and Bones cost?

Although the release date is more than a year away, you can already pre-order Skull and Bones from Amazon and GAME priced at £54.99.

Skull and Bones gameplay

To start, here’s Ubisoft’s overview of the game: “It is the golden age of pirates, Renegade captain command the most powerful weapons on earth, warships. You are an upstart pirate captain who refused the King’s pardon and sailed from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, and untamed frontier full of lavish riches.”

The game is played in a third-person perspective and you’ll take control of a pirate captain you choose and can then customise. You can also select your ship class depending on your preferred style of play. The ship is also customisable.

Ubisoft is touting ‘redefined naval combat’ for those who take up the challenge in Skull and Bones. This means making use of the wind system to get an advantage, use a spyglass to identify weaknesses and even board a rival ship to win a batter.

We’re hoping it’s going to be like playing a game version of Black Sails, the popular Michael Bay show on Amazon Prime Video.

There will be both a single-player campaign to play through and multi-player matches of 5v5 called Disputed Waters.

Skull and Bones allows you to fight solo or team up with other players to win bounties. You can then share the loot or even steal it if you can face the consequences of betrayal. The firm says the dynamic ecosystem reacts to your actions and challenges your ascension.

Check out the Skull and Bones gameplay trailer below for multiplayer and PvP action.

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