Put your multimeter to work at home


Put your multimeter to work at home

What are these?

Insulated probes

Is the battery still good?

The battery’s good!

Check if the switch works

A good switch

A multimeter can solve this

Don’t let your digital multimeter gather more dust in your toolbox. Put that useful gadget to work around the house.

Does this look like Greek to you? You’re not alone. Multimeter function dials are often labeled in electrical symbols and pictographs. 

Your multimeter comes with two insulated probes. You’ll need to connect them to the right ports (terminals) on the device depending on what you’d like to measure.

Use your multimeter to test old batteries for signs of life. The black probe goes on the negative side (flat end) while the red probe touches the positive (raised bump) end.

With a confirmed 1.5 volts of direct current, my multimeter proclaims this AA battery alive!

Use your multimeter to verify if a suspect switch is working or has failed.

An operational light switch will have a low resistance when in the on (open circuit) position.

When your “simple” home improvement project starts to look like this, the precise measurements of a multimeter might be your only salvation.

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