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Pokémon Sun and Moon came out for the 3DS late last year, but now they’re getting an update in the form of new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games which were announced by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company on 6 June.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon aren’t quite the Stars game we had been expecting, but it does look like they’ll introduce some fun new gameplay elements that’ll be enjoyable for both those who’ve yet to play Sun and Moon and those who have.

A new trailer for the upcoming game was released in mid-August (see above), which shows a different side of the Alola Region. There are new buildings and landscapes, but also some ominous dark clouds cast by a legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon was its fastest selling title to date with 3.7m copies sold in the Americas over the first two weeks.

The games will be joined by the release of Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Switch in September, as well as ports of Pokemon Gold and Silver for the 3DS. See also: The most anticipated games of 2017

When are Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon coming out?

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are set to be released for 3DS on 17 November 2017 worldwide.

We think we’ll see more of the game during E3 2017 from 12 June.

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What is the difference between Sun and Moon and the Ultra versions?

While Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will still be set in the same Alola region as Sun and Moon, they’ll feature a whole new storyline as well as additional Pokémonto discover.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer

Pokemon Bank now supports Pokemon Sun and Moon

Months after the initial release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Bank has finally been updated to support the two latest games in the series. Essentially, the Pokemon Bank is a service that allows Poké-players to transfer their favourite Pocket Monsters between the various iterations of Pokemon games. Pokemon Bank-supported games now include:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon X & Y
  • Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow (3DS Virtual Console version only)
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon

In addition to adding support, Nintendo has also released a helpful infographic to help players keep track of the transfer rules. 

Pokémon Sun and Moon will work with Pokémon Go

You heard that right, the latest rumour (and remember it’s only a rumour) is that Pokémon GO on your phone might be able to link up with Sun and Moon on your 3DS. According to a report in iDigitalTimes, the producers of the upcoming 3DS Sun and Moon are ‘considering linkage with the smartphone app Pokemon GO.’ It rightfully points out that ‘they have to do it in a way that doesn’t break the balance of either game and even end up making both games boring. They still need to find an interesting idea that could make both games more interesting.

Following on from the original report, there was another rumour, even confirmation if you like, that this would be the case. 

For starters Junichi Masuda, director for the game, said the team “want to have a kind of way to connect the two, or have a way for people who enjoyed one to enjoy some of their progress in the other,” adding that functionality would would be a while off.

There’s also some code spotted in Sun and Moon which references the game directly which is a good sign.

Pokemon Go link to Sun and Moon

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Starter Pokémon

Following on in the tradition of previous Pokémon games, players will have to choose one of three special Pokémon to be their first partner in Sun and Moon. In this version of Pokémon you’ll pick between newly discovered Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.

As usual, they follow the format of grass, fire and water and you can see details of each below.

Pokémon Sun and Moon starters

Name: Rowlet
Category: Grass Quill Pokémon
Height: 1′ 00″
Weight: 3.3lbs
Type: Grass/Flying
Starting Move: Leafage

The first of the potential partners is the highly adaptable Grass Quill Pokémon, Rowlet. This Pokémon can fly silently through the skies, sneaking up on its opponent without being noticed. It can attack its opponents using powerful kicks, and it can also attack from a distance using the razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers. Rowlet can survey its environment and turn its neck nearly 180 degrees from front to back, so it can see directly behind itself. When in battle, Rowlet turns its head to face its Trainer when waiting for instructions.

Name: Litten
Category: Fire Cat Pokémon
Height: 1′ 04″
Weight: 9.5lbs
Type: Fire
Starting Move: Ember

The cool-headed Fire Cat Pokémon, Litten, is the next choice for a first-partner Pokémon. Litten’s fur is rich in oils and is immensely flammable. It constantly grooms itself by licking its coat, collecting loose fur into balls. It then ignites these hairballs to create fireball attacks. When the time comes for Litten to molt, it burns off all of its fur in one glorious blaze.

Name: Popplio
Category: Sea Lion Pokémon
Height: 1′ 04″
Weight: 16.5lbs
Type: Water
Starting Move: Water Gun

The third possibility is the acrobatic Sea Lion Pokémon, Popplio. Popplio can create balloons made of water from its nose and utilize them to create a variety of different strategies and attacks in battle. This Pokémon is better at moving in the water than on land, and can swim at speeds over 25 mph. On land, it uses the elasticity of the balloons it creates to perform jumps and acrobatic stunts.

In yet another video, The Pokémon Company has revealed the final evolutions for the Sun and Moon starters – they are Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina. The video also includes some new Pokémon, Alolan forms and trainers such as Red and Blue.

Two legendary Pokémon have been announced as Solgaleo and Lunala, which will feature in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon respectively. See more in the video below:

At E3 2016 Nintendo announced a further three Pokémon: Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin.

Pikipek, which likes to collect glittery objects and hide them in their food stores, can strike trees up to 16 times per second to bore holes – this powerful action can even shatter stone. Pikipek can also fire seeds at opponents with enough power to embed them into tree trunks.

Yungoos is an extremely hungry Pokémon, and when its stomach rumbles it gets pretty grumpy. It’s pretty much all about its stomach, but some Yungoos also possess the Stakeout ability, with their moves dealing twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that enters the field mid-battle.

Grubbin is a bug-type Pokémon with a strong jaw, munching away in battle and using its nashers to burrow into the ground. Sticky threads can be spat from its mouth and wrapped around trees, enabling Grubbin to swing between them a bit like Tarzan.

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