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The countdown to the OnePlus 6 launch has begun, with OnePlus teasing the upcoming OP6 on social media and confirming several of its specs, including the Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage. It’s also suggested that the Alert Slider functionality will be enhanced, now capable of controlling camera focus.
The leaks are also coming in thick and fast, and whether we like it or not we’ll soon see a notch-bearing flagship killer capable of taking down the best Android and Apple phones around.

6et ready! — OnePlus (@oneplus)
April 2, 2018

That 19.62×7.69mm notch has been the subject of controversy among fans, especially when OnePlus’ Carl Pei patronisingly told users they should learn to love the notch (he’s since deleted that tweet).
Regardless of their concerns, Pei thinks the notch is a great thing for usability, telling The Verge that “What you are essentially doing is moving the entire notification bar up, giving users more content on their screen.”
In fact the notch will eventually work as it does on the Huawei P20 (though not at launch): you’ll be able to hide it by putting a black bar round it into which you get the usual clock, notifications and so on.
While we won’t get our way with the infamous notch, OnePlus has at least not added insult to injury by taking away the headphone jack too – it’s clearly visible in the photo leaked by @evleaks at the top of this page.

OnePlus 6 notch
When is the OnePlus 6 release date?
In 2017 OnePlus announced two new flagships: the OnePlus 5 on 20 June, and an enhanced OnePlus 5T just five months later on 16 November. We’re on track for a similar schedule in 2018, although the OnePlus 6 could come slightly earlier to better position itself against rivals announced in February and March, and to make the gap between each release more equal.
OnePlus has simply confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will arrive in Q2 2018, though that could be any time between 1 April and 30 June. We’d expect to see a late April/early May launch, although the 5T has already gone off sale in the US.
OnePlus is also planning an Avengers-themed model to tie in with the new movie that’s out 27 April, according to the below video that was uploaded and later pulled from OnePlus India’s Facebook page. Though it’s quite possible for the film to launch before the phone, we wouldn’t expect there to be too large a gap.

How much will the OnePlus 6 cost?
Both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T had a £449 RRP for the entry-model, so we would expect more of the same in 2018 but potentially with a small price bump.
According to GizmoChina, a 64GB model will cost 3,299 Yuan, a 128GB model will cost 3,799 Yuan, and a 256GB model will cost 4,399 Yuan. Don’t expect a straight conversion in pricing (we’ll likely pay more), but if it were that would put pricing at around £373/£429/£497, US$524/$604/$699, 428€/493€/570€.
At least in the US, the OnePlus 6 should prove a lot easier to get hold of than previous OnePlus handsets with the company in talks with major US networks. In the UK we expect to see O2 once again offer the new OnePlus phone on contracts.
What are the OnePlus 6 specifications?
OnePlus used to be the phone maker only geeks had heard of, and the difficulty of actually getting hold of one of its devices only added to their appeal. That’s all set to change with the upcoming OnePlus 6, but even without its exclusivity the OP6 will have the goods to win over users: having already bested Samsung’s specs with a now confirmed Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage, this flagship killer has Apple in its sights with an iPhone X-like design just like the Oppo R15 (shown below).

Not only is it tipped to arrive with OnePlus’ own implementation of Face ID, the upcoming phone will also have a 19:9 display complete with iPhone X-style notch. 
Face ID, which debuted with the iPhone X in September, is a biometric authentication facial recognition feature that replaces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. ‘Borderless’ circa-18:9 displays are becoming more common in smartphones, especially flagships, but devoting almost the entire front surface of the phone leaves the annoying issue of where do you put the fingerprint scanner.
For those who don’t want to stick it on the rear there’s now the option to embed it in the display, or to use an iris scanner. The OnePlus 6 is heavily tipped to feature both alternatives.
The OnePlus 5T already supports face-recognition, but it’s not secure enough to be used with mobile payments. Android Marvel reports that OnePlus will boost its existing tech to rival Face ID, enabled with the use of a front-facing infrared 3D camera module that works even in the dark.
A recently listed spec sheet points to good things to come, with an Oppo R15-matching 6.28in AMOLED screen with a 2280×1080 resolution and 3450mAh battery. The OnePlus 6 is also tipped to get a 20Mp + 16Mp (f1.7) dual-camera and 20Mp (f2.0) selfie camera. You’ll be able to use the Alert Slider to control focus with those cameras, too.

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