Moto X4 (2017) News: UK Price, Release date & Features


Motorola, well Lenovo since it now owns the brand, didn’t launch a Moto X in 2016, instead introducing the Moto Z range. So far this year we’ve seen new models in the E, G and Z ranges, but are yet to get the official word on the Moto X for 2017.

When is the Moto X4 release date?

It’s widely expected that the so-called Moto X4 will launch at IFA this year, possibly on 31 August. Well-known leakster @evleaks tweeted an image which supposedly shows the phone, but as ever, don’t put much stock in renders:

How much will the Moto X4 cost?

Another Twitter leaker, Roland Quandt, reckons the 32GB model will cost 350 Euros. This could equate to £319 and US$399, but it’s really a case of waiting for the launch at IFA. 

That pricing aligns with our previous guesstimate of between £300 and £400. At this price, it will have stiff competition in the mid-range, not least from the OnePlus 3T. (The OnePlus 5 is more expensive at £449.)

What are the rumoured features of the 2017 Moto X4?

In summary (partially via VentureBeat) these are the rumoured specs

  • 5.2in full-HD screen with 3D Glass
  • Snapdragon 630 processor (previously thought to be 660)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32- or 64GB storage + microSD
  • Dual-lens SmartCam (8Mp + 12Mp)
  • 16Mp selfie camera with front-facing flash
  • Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner (also supports gestures)
  • USB-C port + headphone jack
  • IP68 dust- and waterproofing protection
  • 3,000mAh battery with Turbo charging (previously thought to be 3,880mAh)

More recently, some sites are confusing the new Moto G5s with the Moto X4, while others are reporting on benchmarks posted on Geekbench and GFXBench’s websites. It’s best to take those with the proverbial pinch of salt, too, since the model number XT1789 refers to the Moto Z2 Force, at least in China. 

The most concrete information comes from a leaked Motorola slide, below. It shows the Moto X will have a 5.2in full-HD screen and a ‘SmartCam’, it also gave us early glimpses of what we now know are the Moto Z2 Play and Moto Z2 Force, Moto G5s and Moto G5s Plus, Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus.

A video popped up on Baidu that shows an unveiling of the Moto X4. Translated, it apparently suggests that the new phone will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor (now disputed and thought to be the 630), 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, plus a front fingerprint sensor and 3880mAh battery (again, disputed and thought to be 3000mAh).

We also have a couple of leaked images that appear to prove the Moto X4 exists. One came from Motorola itself. In a bizarre rap video celebrating Motorola’s 44th anniversary (it’s hard to see the significance) eagle-eyed watchers thought they’d spotted an image of the rear of the new handset.

 Moto X 2017 latest rumours

The video is low resolution, but it still looks like the camera lens section has been blurred out. The only conceivable reason to do this would be to obscure the fact it’s a dual-lens camera.

A leaked image shows this more clearly, but this could well be the recently announced Moto G5s.

Moto X 2017 latest rumours

The third image shows some details on the specs, including 3 GB of RAM (another leaked image shows 4GB), the MSM8953 (the code for the Snapdragon 625) and the model number of the phone: XT1801.

Moto X 2017 latest rumours

From all these images and specs, it appears that (like the Moto G5) the Moto X4 will have a metal body but will be a mid-range phone sitting between the Moto G and Moto Z.

Screen test is either going to be IPS or AMOLED, with the most likely option being IPS. The rumoured 3D glass doesn’t tell us anything about the tech.

The latest leaks confirm a microSD slot for adding storage, while other leaked images show there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and what looks to be a USB-C port.

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