Macbook Pro Privacy Screen Protector, Tech Armor Privacy Apple Macbook Pro Retina 13″ (2016) Film, Easy Magnet Removal


Price: $49.99 - $42.95

WHY BUY A TECH ARMOR SCREEN PROTECTOR . PROTECT PASSWORDS AND PRIVATE INFORMATION. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. Tech Armor Privacy keeps information secure, obscuring your screen so that the display can only be viewed straight on. Like mini blinds for your computer screen, we embedded tiny, perfectly-spaced microlouvers that are set to a precise angle that prevents visibility from viewing angles beyond a straight 90-degree position. PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE RESALE VALUE . The Tech Armor Privacy screen protector pays for itself as your first line of defense against scratches that reduce the resale value of your Macbook Pro. We depend on our laptops today, we fill them with sensitive personal information that must be defended from prying eyes. The Tech Armor Privacy Screen Filter helps preserve your privacy, keeping your data for your eyes only. If you only accept the BEST for your Macbook Pro, then look no further: BEST Privacy Filter. BEST Protection from Scratches. BEST Way to maximize RESALE VALUE . BEST No Bubble installation. BEST No Hassle Limited Lifetime Replacement Program. COMPATIBILITY: Apple Macbook Pro Retina 13″ (2016 model ONLY) (Note: Turn display brightness up, Privacy Screens may darken the image.) The TECH ARMOR Privacy Screen Protector Kit Includes: One (1) Screen Protector, Installation Instructions, Alcohol Cleaning Wipe, Microfiber Cloth, Dust Removal Tape, and The Tech Armor Limited Lifetime Replacements.Compatible Model(s): Macbook Pro 13″ (2016 model ONLY) by Apple
. WHAT IS TECH ARMOR PRIVACY . Tech Armor Privacy Screen Protectors, with our industry standard 60 degree viewing angle, are ideal for use in public spaces, high traffic area, and workstations to protect sensitive information.
. HOW DOES TECH ARMOR PRIVACY WORK . Weaving precisely-angled microlouvers into our signature HD Clear film, the Tech Armor Privacy Screen ensures your information is visible straight-on. The image blackens as the viewer moves left or right.
. REMOVABLE PROTECTION . The magnetized strip at the top of the screen protector securely holds it in place during use, while providing easy removal when you’re presenting to a group or in a secure location.
No Bubble, easy install, and perfect fit with access to the screen camera. Backed by the Tech Armor No Hassle Lifetime Replacements. (PLEASE CONTINUE READING BELOW)

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