LG V30 Rumours: Release Date, Specs and Features


The LG V20 was hugely popular in late 2016, especially as it was one of the first smartphones to run Android 7.0 Nougat. While it never actually went on sale in the UK, we have high hopes for LG’s 2017 flagship, the LG V30.

The LG V30 will be unveiled tomorrow – and you can watch the live launch at the top of this page.

When will the LG V30 be released in the UK?

LG has confirmed it will be holding a special event on 31 August at IFA 2017 in Berlin, during which it will unveil the LG V30.

Following it’s announcement at IFA, a report by Android Authority states the LG V30 will be available to pre-order on 17 September then go on sale on 28 September.

There’s no specific date for the UK or Europe but the site says 28 September is also the date for global sales so it should be on or soon after this date.

What will the LG V30 look like?

It’s been a bit of a mystery as to what the V30 will look like in design but we have a proper look. Consistent leaker, Evan Blass, has posted the below renders of the LG V30 showing the phone from almost all angles. It take a lot of design cues from the G6, it seems.

LG V30 render

There’s also this render posted by Android Central where you can see what the almost bezel-free phone looks like compared to the G6 and the Galaxy S8 Plus.

LG V30 vs G6 vs Galaxy S8 Plus

There are also leaked images of the V30 showing the entire design that have come from multiple marketing videos. At the top of the page you can see the page you can see the back of the phone looking as we expected via images of cases (see below).

It has a round fingerprint scanner, dual cameras and a glass rear cover featuring the ‘LG’ and ‘V30’ logos.

Below you can see the front, confirming the rounded screen and its minimal bezels. There is no second screen this time around.

LG V30 leak

As is often the case, phone case makers have let the cat out the bag on design. Here are a couple of designs available from MobileFun that reveal the rear design of the upcoming V30.

LG V30

What specs will the LG V30 have?

While we don’t know much about the design of the LG V30, we do know a little more about what it’s expected to feature.

First off, it’ll be Google Daydream-ready. Google confirmed at Google I/O in May 2017 that the next LG flagship smartphone would be Daydream ready when it comes out later this year, meaning it can take advantage of the high-end mobile VR experience. To be Daydream ready, the phone must have a powerful processor and a high-density display, ruling out many smartphones until recently.

LG itself issued a press release announcing that the V30 will have a dual camera with f/1.6 lenses. This means it will let in more light than phones with an f/1.7 aperture, and it’s the only one we know of with such a fast lens.

LG said “The dual camera module in the upcoming LG V30 will include the world’s largest aperture and clearest lens ever to be featured in a smartphone. LG’s first F1.6 lens is also the largest aperture among existing smartphone cameras, delivering 25 percent more light to the sensor compared to an F1.8 lens. The glass Crystal Clear Lens also delivers greater light-collecting ability than a plastic lens as well as better colour reproduction.”

LG V30 news

It also said that the camera module is 30 percent smaller than the V20’s and that it has laser detection AF, optical and electronic image stabilisation.

Along with Daydream support, the LG V30 is expected to boast Qualcomm’s latest chip, the Snapdragon 835, which is also featured in the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

While there’s no hard evidence to back up this claim, by the time it’s expected to launch in September 2017 there will be a range of Snapdragon 835-enabled smartphones on the market, and LG needs to offer all it can to tempt people away from the likes of the Galaxy S8.

LG V30 OLED screen

Many reports suggested that the V30 will use an OLED screen and that is no longer a rumour to be pondered over.

LG has now confirmed the display technology specs for the V30 and it will indeed by OLED. It will be the “first ever device to feature a plastic OLED FullVision display” and will use a QHD+ resolution of 1440×2880.

At 6in, it’s not far off the Galaxy S8 Plus and will rival the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Although it’s LG’s largest for four years, the phone will be smaller than the V20. Upper and lower bezels have been reduced by 20- and 50 percent and the LG logo is now on the back.

LG is promising “Superb image quality is achieved via emissive OLED technology which reproduces perfect black and colours with greater accuracy across a wider colour spectrum.” As you can see above in the teaser, the V30’s screen has rounded corners and will also have curved edges.

The LG V30 also features a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P. It has two new features – digital filters and sound presets – and offers more customisable options than the original Hi-Fi Quad DAC. B&O Play earphones will ship with the device.

We like wireless charging and according to Slashleaks, the V30 will come with the feature. This is going by the charging coil shown in the mid-frame. It also indicates the phone will use a glass rear cover.


Oh, and in terms of software, we expect the LG V30 to be one of the first smartphones in 2017 to run Android’s yet unreleased Android O. Last year’s LG V20 was the first to run the (then) new Android 7.0 Nougat, and was a huge selling point for the phone – especially when it’s notoriously difficult to get new versions of Android onto devices quickly.

LG even announced some software features and released screenshots of the V30 before launch via a press release. Here’s how it will look:

It shows the floating bar that replaces the physical second screen seen on the V10 and V20. It can be toggled on and off with an edge gesture similar to those seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The new UX is simply referred to as 6.0+.

A new feature in the camera app called Graphy will aid users create professional looking shots with presets. There’s also a GIF creator and easier video editing compared to the software on current LG phones.

The Always on Display gains new features such as customisable frequently used functions. Interestingly LG is also adding upgraded face recognition tech that is apparently always on and doesn’t require you to press a button to activate.

There will even be a voice recognition option for users to use a three to five syllables to unlock the V30. How useful or seamless this in practice remains to be seen.

On top of all this, Google is making a conscious effort to improve the speed of rolling out new versions of Android, meaning we’d be very surprised if the LG V30 didn’t boast Android O at launch.

We’ll update this article as soon as we receive news about the LG V30, so make sure you head back soon for the latest.

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