LG G7 News: UK Price, Release Date, Specs & New Features


Samsung held all the strings earlier this year when LG was forced to make the tough decision of launching its new flagship with an older processor or waiting a few months until after the Snapdragon 835-toting Galaxy S8 arrived. It chose the former option, which has almost certainly harmed its sales against the faster Galaxy S8.

So it’s no surprise to learn that LG is in a rush to update its flagship, and that it may unveil the successor even earlier than usual – potentially in January 2018. Business Korea suggests the smartphone will be unveiled at CES 2019.

With rumours of a Snapdragon 845 onboard, which is itself tipped to arrive in early December, Samsung is then the one forced to update its flagship quickly or risk lost sales in the meantime. Of course, that’s if rumours that Samsung once again holds exclusive rights on the first batch of chips are untrue.

We’re now hearing talk that Samsung may also unveil its Samsung Galaxy S9 in January 2018.

When is the LG G7 UK release date?

The new LG G-series flagship typically arrives ahead of MWC, which in 2018 would put its probable launch date as Sunday 25 February.

However, The Investor claims that the LG G7 may arrive much earlier than expected, with LG announcing the new flagship in January 2018. That would place the announcement at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Business Korea also cites CES 2018 as the launch date for the new LG smartphone.

LG could take this strategy to get the flagship phone on the market quicker than rivals (largely Samsung and its Galaxy S9). It is also understandable that it might want to update the LG G6 earlier than expected due to its inclusion of the older Snapdragon 821 processor.

The LG G5 was unveiled in February 2016, so it’s not totally out of the question.

How much will the LG G7 cost in the UK?

We’re speculating on the LG G7 price for now and don’t expect any solid rumours until a few weeks before the launch.

Phones have increased in price recently – partly due to Brexit and the value of the pound – so it’s expected that a flagship device costs in excess of £600. The LG G6 costs £649 and we expect the LG G7 price to be around the same mark.

What are the rumoured features and specifications?


It seems the phase of modular phones is pretty much over and even if it’s not, we don’t expect LG to go back to it for the G7. We’re expecting another combination of metal and glass.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the fingerprint sensor is moved from the rear of the phone to underneath the display. This is a feature we’re about to start seeing a lot more of, even in 2017 so it may well be normal by the time we reach 2018.


The biggest rumour in terms of the LG G7 specs is that it could be the first phone with Qualcomm’s next flagship processor, or ‘Mobile Platform’. The Investor reports that the two companies started working on development early in May this year.

The chip in question is the Snapdragon 845 and will reportedly use a 7nm manufacturing process, even more impressive than the 10nm Snapdragon 835 which was made in partnership with Samsung.

LG fitted the G6 with the older Snapdragon 821 so being the first with the 845 would be a big win. It is rumoured to be up to 30 percent more powerful than the Snapdragon 835.

LG Display OLED flexible


We’re expecting another dual-camera setup and decent core specs. The main question is what LG will do with the display after introducing an 18:9 aspect ratio with the G6. There are rumours that the firm will switch to OLED for the G7.

Keeping an eye on LG Display is the best bet as the display using in the next flagship phone is typically announced in advance. This branch of the company recently showed of a 77in flexible and transparent OLED display (above) so we’re wondering if some of that technology might find its way into the LG G7.

There are a lot of unknowns as you’d expect but we’ll update this article as when more rumours or official details emerge.

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