Lenovo & Motorola live at IFA 2017


Despite keeping its upcoming IFA 2017 product launches more or less under wraps, the meta description on Lenovo’s dedicated IFA 2017 website tells us it will “Explore Lenovo’s innovations showcased at IFA 2017, including Lenovo Explorer, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Lenovo Legion Gaming Towers, Moto smartphones, Yoga 2-in-1s, voice assistants, and more.”

So that’s a pretty good indication that the Lenovo press conference will detail not only new Windows devices, but Motorola smartphones and voice-activated gadgets too. And that’s a theory also indicated by the IFA teaser video it released a couple of weeks ago (embedded at the top of this page).

What’s confusing us about that Lenovo IFA site, though, is the fact it is counting down to Saturday morning, when its press event is scheduled for Thursday evening.

Also confusing is this (via Tech Radar), which points to a Hello Moto X event on 2 September. And who knows what the bear did wrong.

That there is some crazy Facebook live event on 2 September does not mean that Motorola will not use the Lenovo event on Thursday to announce its new phone.

That phone, by the way, will almost certainly be the Moto X4. It’s likely a mid-range Android phone with a 5.2in full-HD screen and the Snapdragon 630 processor, which should hopefully come in at an attractive price.

Meanwhile Lenovo Explorer is likely a reference to Lenovo App Explorer, which is a software distribution platform that Lenovo says allows users to customise their PC and make it their own, installing only the apps they require and none of the usual clutter.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an app-enabled augmented reality experience, detailed in the trailer below.

The Legion gaming towers and Yoga 2-in-1s should be fairly self-explanatory – Windows 10 desktop PCs and convertible laptops – while the voice assistants is probably a reference to the Lenovo Smart Assistant, an Alexa-enabled smart speaker to rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

When is the Lenovo/Motorola IFA 2017 event?

Motorola and parent company Lenovo is hosting a press event on Thursday 31 August at 8pm CET, which is 7pm UK time.

Will there be a Lenovo IFA 2017 live stream?

At this point we cannot be sure. Though we know there is an event, it has not been confirmed that there will be a live stream of that event. However, should one take place we will embed it at the top of this article.

We also have reporters at the event, so check back here for confirmation of all the above rumours and details on what was announced after 7pm on Thursday.

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