How to watch NFL in the UK: Including London International Series


American Football is increasingly popular outside of the US, with a particular focus on Britain. There’s plenty of ways to catch the game in Blighty so here’s how to watch the NFL in the UK including the International Series in London.

Technology means that we have more ways of doing things than ever. Now you can watch NFL live from almost anywhere and on almost any device including phones and laptops.

NFL International Series date and start time UK

For 2017, there is a total of four games in London for the NFL International Series. You can see all the dates, teams and start times below.

24 September – Ravens vs Jaguars – 2:30pm

1 October – Saints vs Dolphins – 2:30pm

22 October – Cardinals vs Rams – 6:00pm

29 October – Vikings vs Browns – 1:30pm

Sky Sports, Sky Go or Now TV

NFL fans in the UK will be relying on Sky for a lot of live coverage, including the above International Series games.

If you’re a Sky customer with sports channels then you can use Sky Go to watch live coverage of the Super Bowl. The Sky Go app is available on various devices.

If you’re not a Sky customer then don’t worry because you can get Sky Sports coverage with Now TV which is also available on a large range of devices or simply a web browser.

You’ll need to buy a Sky Sports Day pass for £6.99 on the day of a game or you can get weekly or monthly passes for £10.99 and £33.99 respectively.


The BBC isn’t showing live games this year, but does have a weekly highlights show which you can watch on BBC Two every Tuesday at 11:45pm. It’s called NFL This Week.

It also has The NFL Show which is on Fridays or Saturdays and provides highlights of the Thursday night game.

You can watch these on BBC iPlayer.

NFL GamePass

The NFL Gamepass is the official online streaming service – a bit like Netflix just for American Football.

Gamepass allows you to watch games live or on-demand throughout the season. It’s available on the web or via various devices with an app.

Just bear in mind that any Sunday games shown live on Sky will be blacked out on Gamepass. You can still watch them on-demand afterwards though.

This year there’s a main Season Pro subscription for the Gamepass which covers everything for £139.99 (or £14.99 for 7 day access).

You can also opt for the Season Essential plan which is £84.99 (or £9.99 for 7 day access) but it only includes one live game and one full game replay, both are down to an editor’s choice.

Subscribe to the NFL Gamepass and also make use of the free 7 day trial.

NFL Gamepass UK prices


Services like Sky Go are geo-restricted outside the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the NFL when you’re overseas.

All you need do is download and use VPN service that will mask your IP address and make it appear to the app that you are in fact in the UK. You can then browse Sky’s services in your web browser and watch whatever you like.

Read our guide to what a VPN is and what the best VPNs are.

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