How to Use Snapchat Snap Map


Snapchat has introduced a new feature that lets you track other Snapchat users on a map. You can use the Snap Map to view their snaps, as well as to see featured snaps on sporting events, breaking news and more.

The Snap Map should now be available globally – if you can’t access it, update Snapchat.

1. Using Snap Map is easy. Just launch the app and using two fingers perform a pinch gesture on the screen.

2. The Snap Map should launch automatically, but the first time you use it you’ll be prompted to specify who is able to view your location. Choose Only Me, My Friends or Select Friends, then click Next.

3. Snapchat will inform you that to add a Snap to the map you just need to add it to’ Our Story’ rather than ‘My Story’. Click Finish to get started.

4. You’ll see a map of your location, and any friends or featured Snaps nearby are shown in roundels. Just click the roundel to view them.

Snapchat Snap Map view

5. You can also click on the Search bar at the top to find specific Featured Stories.

Snapchat Snap Map search

6. To later change your location sharing privacy options click the Settings cog at the top of the page. You’ll see the same options here as you did during setup, so enable Ghost mode or choose My Friends or Select Friends.

Snapchat Snap Map setup

7. To add a Snap to the map, tap the usual shutter button  to launch the usual Snapchat camera. You can add a filter if you like, then tap the Shutter button to take the photo.

Snapchat Snap Map setup

8. To add your snap to the map tap the send button, then select Our Story.

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