How to upgrade your phone contract early


Phone contracts are a great way of getting the expensive handset you want without paying for the whole thing upfront. You can get an iPhone, Galaxy or similar for around £35 per month with no initial handset cost.

Of course, the 24 months of paying £35 will subsidise the cost of the phone. Thanks, maths.

The four major UK operators, and some of the smaller ones, offer you early upgrades. This can often be free, and it’s basically to commit you to paying another long-term contract with them. 

But this is a great way to get the latest handset, often at an incentivised, discounted rate. Here we break down how each offers this for you, when in your contract that is, and how much it’ll cost.

You can do it all online or within your operator’s app, but you can also just go in-store to get it sorted too.





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