How to update the Apple HomePod’s software



Alongside iOS 11.4, Apple on Thursday released AudioOS 11.4, an updated version of the software that powers the company’s smart speaker. The latest update adds AirPlay 2 to the HomePod, with multi-room and stereo pairing support. By default, the update process should be done in the background, without any interaction on your part. However, if you want to force the update or happen to have turned off automatic updates at some point, here’s what you can do to update your HomePod right now:
Sarah Tew/CNET

  • Open the Home app. 
  • Tap on the Location icon. 
  • Locate the Speakers section and select Software Update.
  • Pull to refresh on this page to force the HomePod to look for the update. 

The process will take roughly 10 minutes, leaving the speaker unusable during that time. The screen on top of the HomePod will show an animated white ring during the update process. Once the lights go away, your HomePod is updated. Once your HomePod is updated, here’s everything you can do with AirPlay 2. It’s a good idea to bookmark that page, as we will be updating it as we learn more.  

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Set up an Apple HomePod with ease


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