How to turn off Snap Map: Disable Snapchat’s Snap Map


Snapchat has added a Snap Map to its feature set which lets you track other Snapchat users on a map. For some it’s a great new feature; for others – especially those concerned about their young children using the platform – it’s borderline creepy.

If you want to use Snap Map, click here to find out how. If you’d rather turn it off, read on to see how to disable Snap Map.

It’s worth pointing out that Snap Map is an opt-in feature, so you’ll need to follow these instructions only if you or your child has already set it up on their account.

Turn on Snap Map’s Guest Mode

1. Launch Snapchat and pinch the screen to open Snap Map. 

2. Tap the Settings cog at the top right.

3. Tick the box for Ghost Mode. This will prevent others from seeing your location.

Remove Snapchat’s location permissions

An alternative method for stopping Snapchat tracking a user’s location is to prevent it being allowed to track it in the first place.

We’re using a Galaxy S8 here, so your device may look a little different. However, the options you’re looking for are the same.

1. Open your phone’s Settings menu, then scroll down to and select Apps. Then scroll down to and select Snapchat.

Turn off Snapchat location tracking

2. Select Permissions, then disable the slider next to Location.

Turn off Snapchat location tracking

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