How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos to Android


WhatsApp is a great free messaging tool when you’re using Wi-Fi, but if you’re using mobile data its tendency to automatically download photos and media can be a pain. And it’s not just the hit it can place on your data allowance that can be frustrating – if you’re also low on storage you probably don’t want it automatically downloading every photo and video you are sent.

Below we’ll explain how you can access and change WhatsApps auto-download options in Android. If you’re using the iPhone version of WhatsApp, see our separate guide.

Stop WhatsApp saving photos and video in Android

WhatsApp has always offered an option to prevent automatic download of photos and video, but it’s not in the same place it was once.

To access these options now open the messaging app, tap the three dots at the top right, then choose Settings, Data and Storage Usage.

Now you should see those familiar options under Media auto-download: When using mobile data; When connected on Wi-Fi; and When roaming.

Stop WhatsApp downloading photos and video

Tap on each of these options in turn and check or uncheck the boxes beside Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents. When you’re happy press OK. 

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