How to Rotate the Screen in Windows 7, 8 and 10


Several methods can be used to rotate your computer screen. You might use the built-in Display settings, your graphics card settings, or even a keyboard shortcut. We’ll outline all three options here.

The first way you can try to rotate your laptop or PC screen is with a keyboard shortcut. Whether this work for you or not will depend on the hardware and software on your PC. Some software, for example Nvidia and AMD drivers, allow you to create ‘Hotkeys’ to rotate the screen using a shortcut such as Shift-Alt-Arrow keys.

However, the lack of a hotkey option could be because you don’t have the software installed. For example, Intel’s Graphics and Media Control Panel needs to be installed if you have Intel graphics.

The other method requires you to delve into the Control Panel to change orientation, which could be a pain if you rotate your monitor from landscape to portrait (and vice-versa) regularly. 

Rotate screen using Windows Display settings

Rotate screen with Intel graphics

Rotate screen with Nvidia graphics

Rotate screen with AMD graphics

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