How to fix Windows 10 freezing: The Common Solutions


Windows 10 can be unreliable when it comes to stability and performance. While it brings with it a huge amount of features to make our life easier, it has been known to lock up, freeze, shut down, blue screen and generally misbehave. We’re going to show you some tips to help the stability of your system and fix any issues along the way.
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Check for Windows Updates

The first thing to ensure is that you’re running the latest version of Windows. You can check to see if you have any pending updates by doing the following:

  • Hit the Start button at the bottom left, and type ‘Windows Update’ into the search bar.
  • Open up the Windows Update tool when it shows in the search results, and there you will be able to see if you have the latest update.

Windows Update

  • If you have an update available, make sure you download and install it.

Clear your temporary files

The temporary file folder has a reputation for getting very full, very quickly. It’s something you should clean out regularly, so we’ll check that next as it can impact how well Windows performs:

  • Press your Windows key + R, and type ‘Temp’ into the search box that appears.

Clear temporary files
Clear temporary files

  • This will open up the temp folder and show you all the files inside.
  • Press Ctrl + A. This will select all the files in the folder.
  • Press the delete key to remove all of them.

Running a memory check

Faulty memory is one of the most common causes of computer freezes, and luckily Windows has built in software to check its integrity and it’s nice and simple to run:

  • Hold down the Windows key again, and hit R.
  • In the window that opens up, type in ‘mdsched.exe’ in the box and hit Enter.
  • You’ll be given the choice to check immediately (which will restart your computer) or you can wait until you restart your computer naturally, and the check will run on your next start up.
  • When your machine starts up again you’ll see a blue screen (not the bad kind!) that will show you the progress of your memory evaluation.

Adjusting your virtual memory

Virtual memory is essentially an extension of your computer’s physical memory, and is part RAM and part portion of your hard drive. If your computer runs out of RAM when attempting to perform an action, Windows will use this virtual memory to temporarily store files.
We can adjust the amount of resources that the virtual memory has access to by accessing the advanced options within your system, and you’ll find your way to that by doing the following:

  • Head into your Control Panel > System and Security > System and then into Advanced Settings.
  • Under the Performance pane, hit Settings and then go into the Advanced tab.
  • At the bottom of the pane you’ll see information regarding Virtual Memory. Hit the change button, and in the window that appears, untick the checkbox at the top.

Windows 10 adjust virtual memory
Windows 10 adjust virtual memory

  • On the picture above, you can select your drive and then tick ‘Custom size’.
  • You’ll see what the current size of your Virtual Memory is at the bottom, so increase it by 50% or 100% in the custom field and then hit ‘Set’.
  • Press OK.

Run a disk check

Another common issue is to find errors within your drive, and if you haven’t defragmented or error-checked it in a while then that could certainly be the cause of your crashing:

  • Open up your Windows Explorer, right click on your primary drive (most likely your C drive) and hit properties.
  • Head into the Tools tab, and under the Error-checking pane, hit ‘Check now…’.

Windows 10 freezing disc check
Windows 10 freezing disc check

  • The above window will pop up. Hit Start to begin the process.

You have now covered the majority of your bases and cleaned your system to a point where your freezing issues should be resolved. If they persist, then there could be something more serious wrong with your machine.

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