How to Fix ‘Insufficient Storage Available’ on Android


Running out of storage space to install new apps used to be a real problem for Android phones, particularly budget devices that may have come with only 4- or 8GB of storage built-in. These days Android phones have larger storage capacities as standard, but if you get a bit too trigger-happy with the camera or run away with yourself in the Google Play store it’s still reasonably easy to run low on storage.

Even if you’ve deleted everything you can think of, though, one problem with low-storage Android devices is that the operating system can often get clogged up with cached files. As a result Android might refuse to let you install new apps and report an “insufficient storage available” error message.

This is often seen after you have transferred a large amount of data from the internal storage to an SD card, and the cache has not been properly erased. 

This is infuriating when you know there should be enough storage space on the device to install the app, but first you’ll need to clear up some junk files and empty Android’s cache. We’ll explain how to make more space on Android and fix that error message in our step-by-step guide.

Uninstall unwanted apps

Remove photos and videos from device storage

Clear out your Downloads folder

Empty Android’s cached files

Automate the process with App Cache Cleaner

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