How to Download Music from YouTube | Convert YouTube to MP3


There are many reasons why you might want to convert a YouTube video to MP3, the most likely of which is that a great number of music videos are posted on YouTube and you want a way to listen to them offline on your phone or tablet without having to purchase those tracks. 

We’ve written before about whether it is illegal or morally incorrect to download YouTube video. We advocate nothing: whether you choose to continue in your quest to convert YouTube video to MP3 having read this article is entirely for you to decide.

We also show you how to download YouTube video to your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android but, again, the onus is on you to decide whether you should do so.

Note that in the following tutorial we will be converting to MP3 only the videos uploaded to our own YouTube channel.

How to download music from YouTube

Go to convert2mp3

Add in your tags

Download your MP3

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