How to create Google Home reminders


From the start, Google Home ($129.99 at Dell Home) hit the market missing what many users thought to be important — yet very simple — features. Among those missing features was reminders, something both Google Now and Google Assistant on Android phones have been capable of for some time now.

At long last, Google has updated its smart speaker to be able to handle simple reminders. Here’s how they work.

Not to be confused with the feature that would remember where you put your keys, there are a couple ways you can create reminders with Google Home, either directly from the speaker itself or from an Android or iOS device.

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How to create reminders with Google Home


Create a reminder from Google Home

To create a reminder from Google Home, there are a handful of commands you can use. Say something like:

  • “OK, Google, remind me to go for a run tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.”
  • “OK, Google, remind me to go to the grocery story every Sunday morning.”

You can be specific with times or use general times, like morning or evening. And you can also use contextual times, such as “20 minutes from now.”

For now, Google Home reminders are limited to times. But Google’s help page for Google Home says location-based reminders are coming soon.

To manage your reminders with Google Home, say things like:

  • “OK, Google, what are my reminders?”
  • “OK, Google, what are my reminders for tomorrow?”
  • “OK, Google, what is my reminder to go for a run?”
  • “OK, Google, delete all of my reminders.”
  • “OK, Google, delete my reminder to go the grocery store.”
  • “OK, Google, delete my reminders for tomorrow.”

Create reminders from Android or iOS


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If you’d rather manually create reminders from your phone, you can do that using Assistant on Android or iOS. Just make sure the phone or tablet is logged into the correct account and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home speaker.

Within the Assistant app, you can speak the same verbal commands to create a reminder using your voice. Or you can type out a reminder manually.

To type a reminder, launch Assistant and tap the blue button in the top right to open the Explore tab. Tap Your Stuff, then tap Add Reminder. Type in a title and select a time and whether it should repeat. Tap the check mark in the upper right corner to save it.

To edit reminders from a phone, go back to Your Stuff and tap See All. Tap on a specific reminder to edit or delete it.

Reminder notifications

When it’s time for your reminder, you will receive a push notification on your phone and Google Home will light up and say, “I have a reminder for [name].” A single white LED will remain lit for the following 10 minutes.

If you miss a reminder, you can say, “OK, Google, what are my notifications?” or, “OK, Google, what are my reminders?” Check reminders on your phone by returning to Your Stuff in the Google app.

To turn off reminder notifications, open the Google Home app on Android or iOS and tap the hamburger button in the top left to expand the left menu. Go to More settings and select Phone or your Google Home device under Devices. Beside Notifications, tap the toggle to turn notifications off.

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