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You might have decided to sign up for a free trial on Amazon’s audiobook platform, Audible, but if you don’t cancel your membership you will get billed £7.99 a month. Here are the easy steps to follow to avoid being charged once your free trial ends.

First, you need to be aware of the length of your membership and of the date on which you subscribed to the trial. If you signed up via Audible’s one month free trial, you will be billed 30 days after the date you subscribed. If you accessed Audible via Amazon Prime, you benefit from a 3 month free trial and will be charged 90 days after the day you subscribed. For both options, you need to cancel your membership before the trial period ends.

Cancel your membership

To do so, log in to Audible. Then, click on the ‘Hi + name’ button, on the top-right corner of the page, to make several options appear. Select ‘Account Details’.

The first section will show you the exact date on which you became a member, as well as what membership plan you are currently using. It will be useful to know exactly when to cancel.

Stay on this page and go a section lower to ‘Account Settings’. Here, you will find the ‘Cancel my membership’ button (in red on the picture). If you wish to continue with your cancellation, select this option.

Audible will ask you to explain why you decided to cancel your membership. Pick an option such as ‘It’s too expensive’, and click on the ‘Continue to Cancel’ button, at the bottom of the page.

You will then be asked to ‘Cancel membership’.

All you have to do is click the button. Congrats! You have successfully cancelled your Audible subscription.

It is also possible to cancel your Audible membership from your Amazon account. Login to . Go to the ‘Account and Lists’ option, on the top-right corner of the page. Select ‘Your Account’ (in orange on the picture).

In the middle of the page, you’ll find a section entitled ‘Other accounts’. Here, click on ‘Audible Membership’.

It will take you to Audible’s ‘Account Settings’ page.

From there, all you have to do is follow the same process as if you had logged in directly from Audible

If you subscribed to Audible via Amazon Prime’s 3 month free trial, note that cancelling your Prime Membership will also cancel your Audible subscription.

It is also worth noting that unlike Amazon Prime, Audible does not provide an option that automatically cancels your membership to make sure you won’t be billed once your trial has ended. You need to cancel before the 30 or 90 day period expires.

Earn free credits through cancelling

If you enjoy Audible and wish to continue using it after your Trial expires, you can earn a free credit by feigning to cancel your subscription. To do so, follow the same steps as if you really wanted to cancel.

Once you have selected an option explaining why you decided to cancel, Audible will come up with an offer to keep you from cancelling. The offer won’t vary depending on the reason you picked.

The service will always offer you a free credit if you’re willing to keep your membership. Simply click the ‘Free Credit’ button to retrieve it. One credit makes for one free audiobook: if you do this, you will be able keep your subscription and you will have gained an extra credit.

Another way to earn a free credit through cancellation is to reactivate your membership after you’ve discontinued it. If you have correctly followed the steps and your cancellation is now complete, here’s how you can reactivate your account to earn a free credit. You can call the following numbers: 0800 496 2455 (UK) or +44 (0) 203 356 6218 (International) or email [email protected] and ask for your membership to be reactivated.

Your account will then gain another free credit, given with the reactivation. It will only appear as a free credit if you have previously used the one given with the trial’s activation, so make sure to use this one first.

These methods enabled me to gain 2 extra credits, as you can see under ‘Account Details’ – ‘Audiobook Credits’. Both methods will only work once.

Switch your membership

If you enjoy Audible and wish to make the best of it financially, you can also switch your membership plan once your trial has ended. To do so, login to Audible and go to ‘Account Details’. There, instead of selecting ‘Cancel my membership’, choose ‘ Switch my membership’ (in red on the picture).

It will lead you to a page showing your current membership plan and the different options that will be available to you once your trial has ended.

If you do not cancel before the trial period expires, you will automatically be switched to a 1 book monthly plan. You will be charged £7.99 a month and get one credit (which makes for one free book) a month. You will also be able to rollover 6 credits a time. This plan makes for £7.99 a credit, which is interesting considering most audiobooks are priced at an average of £20.

The second option is to get a 2 book monthly plan, which will cost £14.99 a month and will also make for £7.99 a credit. Instead of just one, you get two credits each month and will be able to rollover up to 12 credits a time. It can be convenient if you know you will buy at least 2 books a month or more. Otherwise, it might be better to stay on the 1 book monthly plan.

The third available plan is a 12 book annual membership. Priced at £69.99 a year, so £5.83 a month, this is your cheapest option if you know you will make use of Audible for 12 months. You will get all your 12 credits at once and will be able to spend them as you wish.

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