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This fall, my iPhone’s ($849.00 at Apple) notifications have been out of control. And it’s all because of fantasy football.

I’m in two fantasy football leagues, both of which are on Yahoo. I use the Yahoo Fantasy Football app to manage my two teams (namely, to choose the wrong QB or WR to start each week) and get notifications from the app throughout the week, which keep me apprised of the health of my injury-riddled rosters.

Since I’m managing two teams, I get a steady stream of updates throughout the week as NFL teams issue their injury reports. These messages from Yahoo clog up my notifications, but I don’t want to risk turning them off and leaving my starting lineup full of players with pulled hamstrings, concussions or other maladies.

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Thankfully, I found a middle ground that doesn’t require me to disable Yahoo’s notifications altogether or delete the notifications manually each day. I can simply tell Yahoo or any app to stop leaving its alerts in my notification history. They arrive and then they disappear. 

Say ‘no’ to Show in History

Go to Settings > Notifications and find the app or apps that are taking up more than their fair share of your notifications screen. You can access the screen in iOS 11 by swiping down from the top of an unlocked iPhone or swiping up from the middle of a locked iPhone.

Once you’ve selected your app (for the record, Yahoo’s Fantasy Football app is filed under “F ‘and not “Y”), toggle off Show in History.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

With Show in History off, I see my depressing injury reports from Yahoo as they arrive and then they’re gone — they don’t linger in my list of old notifications.

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