Best Kids Cars 2017: Electric Ride-on Cars


Electric cars (for adults) are super expensive, but kids’ versions are lot more affordable. We’ve rounded up a range from the cheaper 6V models up to licenced versions with more power and more features.

Your buying guide for the best kids cars

Prices range from under £100 to several hundred, and it’s not simply licensing fees that make the difference.


One of the biggest factors is the battery voltage. This – along with the wattage of the motor(s) – determines how powerful the car is. The lowest priced cars have 6V batteries and therefore are quite slow and may not cope with steep hills or rough terrain.

The next step up is 12V, but you’ll also see 24V and 36V.

As voltage rises, so does price, but more powerful toys tend to offer multiple speeds as well. This can be a benefit as a child can grow into a car, starting off with the slowest speed and graduating to the higher speed when they’ve learned to control the car.

Watch out for cars that lack reverse, and find out how long the battery lasts between charges, and how long it takes to charge, too.

Age range

Most manufacturers will state the age range for the car, and since you’ll be spending quite a bit of money, it’s worth getting a car that the child can grow into and enjoy for several years.

The limiting factor will be the maximum weight the car can take.

Remote control

Cars that come with remote controls offer extra safety, as the parent can steer or stop the car to avoid it crashing into anything. Note that this is almost always selected by a switch which determines whether the car is controlled by the child or the remote control, so you can’t override their driving remotely.

Safety belts

You may think these are unnecessary at such low speeds, but they’re worth looking out for as an additional safety feature.


Other features, such as a headphone-style socket for plugging in a phone or MP3 player, working lights and opening doors will likely be low on your priority list.

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