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Deciding which email service you should use can be tricky. Their features vary, and there are pros and cons of each. Here, we’ve put together a helpful guide that compares the most popular and the news is they’re all free.

Which is the best email service for you comes down to a number of factors. If you use Windows, Microsoft Office, and a Windows phone then Outlook makes sense because everything works well together. In a similar way people with an Android phone or tablet using Google services like Docs, Calendar, Music and others, are better off with Gmail.

Zoho offers similar functionality, with apps for both iOS and Android, and the team focused design could be very useful if you work in a small business. Although Yahoo and GMX offer good email, they aren’t part of a broader range of internet services in the same way.

The two least attractive are iCloud and AOL Mail because of their limited range of features. The same could be said for Tutanota, but its heavy emphasis on privacy should see it appealing to those who want to keep their correspondance secure from prying eyes.

For us, though, Outlook and Gmail are the joint winners here. Both are mature products with excellent features and an extended set of software that bring advantages to productivity. At a push we’d go for Gmail simply because we’ve never experienced any problems in the years of using it, but many would say the same of Outlook too.

Read on to find out more about each of the services we tested, to help you make sure that you choose the service that will suit you best.

Zoho Mail



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GMX Mail

AOL Mail

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