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While Apple has made some advances in iPhone battery life, most heavy users of their smartphone will run into that Low Battery warning at some stage of the day. And sadly the same is true of Apple’s latest, greatest iPhone X.
The iPhone X has a Li-Ion battery capacity of 2,716mAh (10.35Wh). According to Apple, this will get you 21 hours of talk time, up to 12 hours browsing the Internet, up to 13 hours watching video, or 60 hours listening to audio – although not all at the same time, of course!
iPhone X battery life is similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.
Apple makes its own Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus – but not the X. Read our review of the Apple Smart Battery Case, which we loved despite its humpback look and tendency to flake a bit after a year’s usage.
It seems to have abandoned users of its later iPhone 8 and iPhone X to third-party battery case manufacturers such as Mophie. But even Mophie doesn’t have an iPhone X battery case out (yet). Mophie definitely will at some point (and we’ll let you know here first) but as Apple missed the iPhone 8 in its battery-case launches it could be that the X loses out too.
(If you’re looking for battery cases for other iPhone models, read our round ups of the best battery cases for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus, the best battery cases for iPhone and 7 Plus, and best battery cases for the iPhone 8).
With limited Apple-certified battery case solution for the iPhone X, users have a choice of just the uncertified Chinese-made battery cases. Other than that you can of course buy a no-power protective case – see Macworld’s round up of the best iPhone X cases. And don’t forget Macworld’s great tips on improving iPhone battery life.
Remember many of these are not Apple certified. Though we tested some of the products reviewed here and they worked fine, Apple recommends using only accessories that it has certified (MFI) and that come with the “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” logo.

Peyou iPhone X Battery Case

While not the largest battery capacity of the iPhone X cases reviewed here, the Peyou iPhone X battery case is one of our favourites.
Its 3,200mAh battery looks puny compared to the 5,200mAh and 6,000mAh power packs, but it gave us about an 80 percent recharge, which should be enough for most people. And even the 5,200mAh battery case didn’t go much further than 100%.
It’s not as light as the Betteck case (104g vs 94g), but offers much better protection – and is noticeably less bulky than Moonmini case.
There are four easy-to-read LED battery indicator lights at the back, next to the button to control charging. Cutouts and button protectors work well.
At around £20 from Amazon or $25.99 from Amazon US it’s great value for money, and offers enough battery charge and protection to make it the all-round battery case that I use every day with my iPhone X.

Moonmini 6,000mAh battery case for iPhone x
Moonmini 6,000mAh battery case for iPhone x

This iPhone X battery case is decent looking (black only) but adds a lot of bulk to your beautiful iPhone X. That said, once the battery runs out your lovely X is about as useful as a waterproof towel.
It weighs 143g and is quite bulky – so be prepared to compromise on slimness for power and protection. It feels robust and should protect a knocked or dropped iPhone.
It claims a whopping 6,000mAh battery capacity, so theoretically should have enough power to charge up your X at least twice. In reality it will give you about 1.5x a full recharge – although that should be enough for most people.
There are four tiny LED battery indicator lights on the bottom, and you charge up the phone from the case by pushing a button for 1.5 seconds.
It charges via Lightning, which is preferable to those that use the inferior MicroUSB.
It will charge the phone in the case when plugged in, but not sync to iTunes.
At just over £20 at Amazon UK or $30 at Amazon US it’s cheap enough to try, or keep somewhere handy for when your phone’s battery dies on you.

Betteck 5,200mAh Battery Case for iPhone X
Betteck 5,200mAh Battery Case for iPhone X

This is lighter and brighter than most other iPhone X battery cases, and available in either Black, shiny Red or Rose Gold. It’s also slimmer than the others tested here.
It weighs 94g, compared to the naked iPhone X’s 174g. Apple’s Smart Battery Case for older iPhones weighs 101g, so this is a feather in comparison. Its ability to protect a dropped iPhone is probably reduced, though, as it has much less side and front protection. Again, this is a compromise between weight and protection.
Again the 5,200mAh battery capacity suggests multiple recharges but we got just the one full recharge in our tests.
The usual four LED indicator lights are on the back, but seemed to mostly suggest either a near-full or empty power bank. Push the button to restore charge. We did find this case a little flaky in remaining in power mode, and had to push the button a few times during recharge.
Plug in a Lightning cable and you can charge the iPhone in the case and also sync to iTunes, unlike some other cases tested here.
At £25 at Amazon UK or $30 at Amazon US it’s not expensive, and will save your phone when its battery is weak.

Cofuture 5000mAh iPhone X Battery Case
Cofuture 5000mAh iPhone X Battery Case

This battery case from Cofuture promises an additional 150% battery life to your iPhone X. It has a storage capacity of 5000mAh and is designed to prevent your iPhone from overheating and overcharging. Plus a power indicator at the back of the case lets you know how the charge is faring.
This battery case also lets you sync to your MacBook or PC with your lightning connector without the tedious task of removing the case.
The case itself is made of the silicone-like material TPU and the ABS plastic, which can withstand high temperatures and is shock and scratch proof. It also has cutouts for easy access to ports and buttons.
You can find this case in red and yellow. There is also a red and a black option that costs £31.99 (UK only) with a kickstand that allows landscape viewing. Cofuture offers 1 year warranty.

Newdry 6000mAh iPhone X Battery Case
Newdry 6000mAh iPhone X Battery Case

If you want something a little more powerful, this 6000mAh capacity battery case from Newdery promises 170% more battery life. It’s not compatible with wireless charging however, nor does it have a built-in 3.5 audio input, but it does work with Lightning headphones and Airpod headphones and other Bluetooth headphones.
Like Cofuture’s case, Newdery’s battery case also lets you sync with other devices, like your MacBook or PC, using your lighting cable. 
What we like about this case is that it doesn’t extend the phone screen, so your iPhone can stay as close to it’s original chin-less splendour. Any additional bulk is behind the phone, which is a small price for all the power this charger packs.

Newdry 6000mAh iPhone X Battery Case
Newdry 6000mAh iPhone X Battery Case

The Runsy battery case packs 5000mAh of power and comes with a nifty power switch that lets you turn the battery on and off as desired.
From a protection standpoint, it has a raised bezel to keep that iPhone X screen scuff and scratch-free. Plus a matte finish adds grip, which is a useful safeguard for unexpected drops.
The Runsy battery case also supports both Apple Lightning wired headphone listening as as well as AirPod wireless listening, which is a nice touch.

BrexLink 6000mAh iPhone X Battery Case
BrexLink 6000mAh iPhone X Battery Case

Here’s one more 6000mAh battery case that promises to have your iPhone recharged and rejuvenated in up to 4 hours.
It’s built similarly to some of the other battery cases on this list, so you can expect the same sense of protection from TPU and high-grade plastic protection. It does not protect your screen however, so you may be better off with a battery case with a bezel edge (or screen protector – see the best ones here).
A neat feature of this case is that you can also charge your phone and the case at the same time. Like Cofuture’s case, BrexLink’s case is also designed to prevent your iPhone from overheating and overcharging. 

Hathcack 5000mAh iPhone X Battery Case
Hathcack 5000mAh iPhone X Battery Case

5000mAh power, rugged protection, non-slip texture – yes, it’s probably all getting repetitive now, as this what nearly every case seems to offer.
However, what sets Hathcack’s case apart from the rest is the integrated holder grip at the back of the case that rotates a full 360 degrees. The back is magnetic too, so you can attach it to a compatible car mount (see the best ones here).
It’s also ultra-slim and barely adds bulk to the phone. It doesn’t support Lightning connected headphones, but does with with Airpods.

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