Ark: Survival Evolved UK release date, gameplay, best mods and videos


Ark: Survival Evolved was announced back in June 2015, showcasing an open world game complete with a robust collection of dinosaurs coming to PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The graphics are extremely impressive and the gameplay is phenomenal – but we’ll get to all that.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ark: Survival Evolved including its release date, platforms, gameplay information, best mods, videos and screenshots.

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Ark: Survival Evolved release date and UK pricing

Ark: Survival Evolved PS4 release date: 29 August 2017

Originally, Ark: Survival Evolved was due for full release on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by June 2016 according to the developers. However, as we mentioned at the time, it’s worth taking developer estimates with a pinch of salt as unseen delays can push back the release date time and time again – and it seems we were right. The full release was delayed again, this time until Winter 2016.

ARK’s success has increased our content goals and Early Access players have helped us raise our ambitions with their invaluable feedback,” said Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak. “When we first announced, we said 70 dinos, now we’ll have over 100. We never anticipated adding modding, local multiplayer, split screen, or numerous other upcoming features. The game at launch will be far more robust than originally conceived, but it takes a little extra time to wrap it all up.

The game has since been made available for PS4 (£64.99) and Xbox One (£49.99) alongside PC (£49.99) and prices have been raised in anticipation of the full launch, but we’re still yet to it. Studio Wildcard announced in 2017 that the game would become available on 8 August 2017, but, as you have probably guessed, it has been delayed yet again – but this time only for a few more weeks.

The game’s full release is delayed from 8 August 2017 to a few weeks later on 29 August 2017, with the developer citing performance issues as one of the reasons for the delay. 

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What is Ark: Survival Evolved?

So, what is Ark: Survival Evolved? It reminds us of a cross between Jurassic Park and Minecraft, where you start off with no clothes or weapons and you have to craft items, grow crops, research technologies and build shelters to protect yourself from the elements. It sounds simple but it’s not, thanks to other online players in the same situation as you, and, of course, wild dinosaurs roaming around.

The environment itself is vast, with many environments from swamps filled with Titanoboas and huge crocodiles, to snowy mountains and vast forests full of Velociraptors. It’s not just above ground either, as there are many caverns to explore and even underwater caves (if you can survive the marine life). By exploring the environment, you’ll develop your in-game ARK map, as well as being able to add custom points of interest. You’ll come across random creatures, as well as Explorer Notes that have been left behind by past explorers.

Some dinosaurs can be tamed though, and you should experiment with different kinds of plants and meat as they all have varying effects on different dinosaurs. Or, if that’s a bit tame for you, you can always weaken it, knock it unconscious and then nurture it until it’s healthy again. The options are there; you just have to find the style that’s right for you. You can fly a Pterodactyl, race through forests on the back of a Raptor or even destroy an enemy base on the back of a Gigantosaurus.

You have to keep on top of your food and water levels, as without it you’ll die. Different foods will have different effects on you just as it varies with dinosaurs, and all physical actions come at a cost of food and water – even walking around. The changing weather pattern will also have an effect on your water and health levels, as hotter weather will decrease your water levels faster as you become dehydrated in the sun.

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As we mentioned earlier, it’s an online game and is essentially PvP (Player vs Player). You can choose to work with other players in your world, or go to war with them. If you decide to work together, groups of players can form tribes, allowing anyone in your tribe to command or ally your pets. Also, don’t worry about dying, as your tribe will be able to respawn at any of your home spawn points (as long as there’s a bed).  With regards to communication, you can chat to players via proximity text and voice chat, or long-distance radio once you’ve crafted them.

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