6 things you should know about FreedomPop’s Unreal Mobile service



Unreal Mobile offers unlimited service for only $15 per month, but you get only 1GB of high-speed data.
Unreal Mobile
FreedomPop has made a name for itself by offering free and inexpensive phone plans. Now, the company is expanding into the premium-service end of the market — but without the premium pricing.Announced earlier this week, Unreal Mobile is a FreedomPop spinoff that hopes to lure customers away from soon-to-merge Sprint and T-Mobile. Although details remain scant at the moment, we can answer a few of the bigger questions about the new service, which is set to launch in early summer.

How much will it cost?

Unreal Mobile will offer contract-free plans starting at $15 per month. CNET has confirmed that the base plan will include unlimited calls, texts and data, with 1GB of high-speed data that can roll over from month to month.In other words, if you use only, say 750MB in a month, the following month you’ll have 1.25GB available.

An Unreal Mobile spokesperson was unable to provide details regarding additional plans, but in all likelihood they would include a larger allotment of high-speed data. It’s not uncommon, for example, for MVNOs to offer 5GB and 10GB options.

What else is included?

That $15 plan will include ad-blocking, VPN and “the ability to use your number on a tablet, phone or computer, among other features,” according to Unreal.That last part is interesting. Although your phone will have a traditional SIM card and use a traditional mobile network (see below), your phone number will be virtual, and therefore accessible via voice-over-IP on other devices.We’ll have to wait and see if mobile-hotspot is included or available separately.

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What network does Unreal Mobile use?

FreedomPop has long been a Sprint MVNO, and Unreal will be as well — until later this summer, when the carrier will offer an AT&T-based SIM. We don’t know yet if that option will also have an accompanying $15-per-month plan.

What phones are compatible?

As you might expect with a Sprint MVNO, you’ll need an unlocked, Sprint-compatible CDMA phone. Once the AT&T option arrives, however, you should be able to bring nearly any unlocked GSM phone. (Sprint and Verizon employ CDMA technologies in their networks; AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.)Unreal also has plans to sell phones directly once the service launches, the spokesperson told us, though models and prices have yet to be disclosed.

When can I sign up?

Currently, Unreal Mobile is in beta testing and available by invitation only. You can request one on the company’s otherwise-sparse home page.The official launch date has yet to be announced, but words like “early summer” and “in the coming weeks” suggest Unreal Mobile will open for business sometime in June.

What about customer service?

In my capacity as The Cheapskate, I’ve written about FreedomPop multiple times. Every time, readers get in touch to complain about the carrier’s customer service: unexpected charges, unanswered support requests, difficulty navigating the web portal.It remains to be seen whether Unreal Mobile will suffer from any of these same issues, but the spokesperson did tell us that customer service will be based in the US and the company “looked at consumer concerns across the industry to ensure this service is a standout.”Check back soon for additional updates, which I’ll share as I get them.

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